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With NewtroFace, 7 functions are available for professional skin care. This product meets both physicians and patients.
Combination of Fractional Micro Needle RF Technology & HIFU The best solutions for divers skin complex is Focus Dual!
SMARTLUX delivers healing power and energy of light composed of red, blue, yellow, green, and IR with high-intensity SLDs (Super-luminous diodes) developed by smart phototherapy technologies.
Immediate and long-lasting resultrs through optimal thermal energy and precise focusing
The 10.4 "touchscreen display allows users to apply depth and volume of content such as water injection, PRP and lipolysis infusion with a convenient operating setting that allows for detailed results.
EPN is the new generation of emerging technology with combining automatic needing(Auto Microneedle Therapy System, Auto MTS) and electroporation to effectively deliver a drug.
HSR Solution helps skin recovery by its complex and comprehensive components with growth factors that work on core skin troubles.
Esbella, effective solution made with natural components for dissolving body fats, is made by Dermatologist Dr. Shin who have researched and tested for sharp facial and body for long experiences.

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