less pain

Less Pain

treatment time

Treatment Time

maximal drug delivery

Drug Delivery



Minimize pain with
33G needles.

High speed motor reduces treatment time

Effectively delivers
medication to the skin.

Practical and friendly
pen type design.

What is EPN?

Electroporation Needle System

EPN is a new technology that combines Auto MTS (Auto Microneedle Therapy System) with electroporation to deliver drugs effectively.
EPN allows for effective delivery of drugs to the depths of the face or other tissues within the scalp (automated MTS and electroporation).
Stitches the underlying skin tissue with a shorter treatment time and achieves a more effective drug delivery system (DSS) through electrical stimulation with automatic microkneading, thereby reducing discomfort to the particles.


Clinical Indication

clinical indication2

⊙ Hair regeneration

⊙ Improving Surface scar & Deep Scar

⊙ Improving Wrinkle

⊙ Skin brightening

⊙ Skin tightening & Pore reduction

⊙ Neck Wrinkle 

⊙ Body scar & Tightening

Clinical Cases


Easy to use pen type design and anti-slip processing

  1. The part of the Needle Set to be attached
    you can change the multi-needle according to types of skin and face.

  2. The adjusting part of the needle penetration depth
    It enables you to offer customized treatments by adjusting the needle penetration depth.

  3. LCD Display
    Easy menu control with indicator light.

  4. Control Panel
    menu control button/Adjustable operation mode/Adjustable Level/Adjustable TIME RESET

  5. Start,Stop
    you can adjust only the level of speed during operation.
    you cannot adjust MODE and TIMER during operation.



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