RF & HIFU 2-in-1 system

Combination of Fractional Micro Needle RF Technology & HIFU The best solutions for divers skin complex is Focus Dual!

There are many diverse skin problems. With only one treatment, skin complex can not perfectly managed.

▶ Focus dual is the combination device of fractional micro needle RF & High
intensity focused ultrasound technology.

▶ The device can be used from acne scar treatment by RF to lifting procedure by
HIFU. (two in one, and multi-indication include)

▶ Especially, the delicate setting adjustment will give the operators high satisfaction
by convenient use and significant clinical effects

비디오 재생

Focus Dual Technology


Fractional Micro Needle RF

When micro-needle is injected into the skin, on the same time, Bi-polar RF will be also effects to the skin. The RF energy will be directly affected to the dermis and help regeneration of collagen and elastin. Also, needling can improve acne and pores. By adjusting proper needling depth, it can solve diverse skin problems.

Needle RF Handpiece

Needle RF Handpiece

▶ 0.16Φ(pie) / 25pin (5×5) needle

▶ Direct action on target dermal layer

▶ Pulse Duration: 100 to 200ms / Max. RF Energy 20W

▶ Treatment at a constant depth using Suction

  1. deoth 0.5~1.5mm : Vacuum 1 level
  2.  depth 1.5mm~:vacuum2 level

▶ Between Needle distance without RF energy overlap

▶ 10 needles per box


High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

High intensity focused ultrasound skill is a non-invasive treatment that has no damage on the epidermis. The cartridge for face has 4 kinds. Through the treatment the skin can be elastic and has lifting effects by concentrating the ultrasound energy on each layer of the skin, such as Upper dermis, lower dermis or SMAS. The cartridge for body has one kind, it can approach 13mm depth (subcutaneous layer) and reduce the fat effectively.

Focus Dual Features

Focus Dual Effects


Skin tightening

Skin lifting

Acne scars treatment


Skin brightening

Anti-wrinkle/Nasolabial Folds



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